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Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Title: Sowing All in the Field of Green-O
Pairing: Anton/Original Female Character
Characters: Anton the Giant, Leroy, Dwarves, Astrid, Original Male & Female Characters, Ruby Lucas, Regina Mills
Rating: T
Length: 41,979 words
Status: Complete
Notes: Set in Season 2, in Storybrooke

Summary: Anton the Giant is growing a new crop of magic beans, but what he really needs is a happy ending.

Chapter 1: The Sower and the Sown
Chapter 2: The Changer and the Changed
Chapter 3: Interlude: The Greening of Brigid
Chapter 4: The Grey Sisters
Chapter 5: Interlude: Land of the Giants
Chapter 6: The Grower and the Grown
Chapter 7: Hot Chocolate in Town
Chapter 8: Coffee and Cigarettes
Chapter 9: Barn Dance
Chapter 10: Twelve Steps
Chapter 11: The Culler and the Culled
Chapter 12: The Reaper and the Reaped
Chapter 13: Oath of Fealty
Chapter 14: The Leaver and the Left


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