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Author & Illustrator: earthspirits
Title: "Winter's Night" (Chapter One)
Characters: (this chapter) Killian Jones (Captain Hook), Emma Swan, Henry Mills.
Pairing: Killian Jones (Hook) and Emma Swan.
Rating / Warnings: PG13 (some future chapters will go up to R).
This chapter contains angst, suspense, and romance.
Spoilers: Set shortly after Season 3 mid-season winter finale "Going Home". Contains Season 3 spoilers.
Special Note: AU ~ While "Winter's Night" does follow the general premise of the series (most especially in regards to Season 2 and Season 3), it's my own AU spin.
Summary: On the run for their lives, Killian and Emma seek to protect Henry and themselves from a deadly foe.
Will a shared secret finally bring the miracle of love and healing to Emma and her gallant pirate captain, and bring their family together at last?
Disclaimers: Obviously this series and characters belong to Eddy, Adam, and ABC. I'm just a devoted fan playing in their sandbox (who obviously adores Hook and Emma!), and make no profit, etc. The same applies to the Gordon Lightfoot song lyrics referenced in my story.
Author's Note: This is my very first "Once Upon a Time" fan fiction, and, also my first posting in the comm! Happy to be here ~ Hope you enjoy my story! : )

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