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 Author & Illustrator: earthspirits
Title: "With This Ring" - Chapter 5 (Part 3 of my series - "Soul Mates" - Tales of Killian Jones & Emma Swan).
Pairing: Killian Jones (Captain Hook) & Emma Swan.
Characters: Killian Jones / Captain Hook, Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Henry Mills, David / Prince Charming, Snow White, Robin Hood, Belle, Rumplestiltskin, Leroy / Grumpy, Roland, Baby Neal.
Story Summary: In my previous story, "Coming Home", Killian proposed to Emma, and she joyfully accepted. It is now spring in Storybrooke, and the Pirate and his Swan are preparing for their wedding - What could possibly go wrong?
Chapter 5 Summary: Killian and Emma have survived a surprise attack on the Jolly Roger. But with their wedding set for the next day, and their mysterious foe still at large, matters are starting to take a very dangerous turn. Will the lovers be able to overcome this sinister new threat?
Chapter Rating / Warnings: This chapter is rated Mature, as it depicts consensual romantic / adult situations + some adult language and angst.
Background Info on my series: Please see the previous stories in my series - "Winter's Night" and "Coming Home".  Both stories are rated Mature, with other appropriate warnings as to content, so please be sure to read this first, before reading the stories themselves.
Disclaimers: Obvious OUAT and its characters belong to Eddy, Adam, and ABC. I'm just a devoted fan playing in their sandbox, and make no profit, etc. 
Also: All original characters are of my creation, and belong to me (and history).

To read my story, please visit Archive of Our Own (AO3), where I also post as earthspirits:

Chapter 5:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 1:

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