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 Author & Illustrator:  earthspirits
Title: "With This Ring" - Chapter 4 (Part 3 of my series - "Soul Mates": Tales of Killian Jones & Emma Swan).
Pairing: Killian Jones (Captain Hook) & Emma Swan
Characters: Killian Jones / Captain Hook, Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Henry Mills, David / Prince Charming, Snow White, Robin Hood, Belle, Rumplestiltskin, Leroy / Grumpy, Roland, Baby Neal
Story Summary: In my previous story, "Coming Home", Killian proposed to Emma, and she joyfully accepted. It is now spring in Storybrooke, and the Pirate and his Swan are preparing for their wedding - What could possibly go wrong?
Chapter 1: A rainy afternoon, the delicious scent of baking, happy wedding plans - but sometimes, some things - such as a harmless fishing trip - are just too good to be true.
Chapter 2: Battling a powerful vortex, and with the old fishing boat threatening to sink in the storm, Killian is draining his magic in a desperate bid to protect himself and his companions. 
And in Storybrooke: With their loved ones imperiled, Emma and Regina must enact an ancient and dangerous ritual.

Chapter 3: With the lives of their loved ones hanging in the balance, Emma and Regina join forces with Killian.  Will their magic be strong enough to destroy the mysterious vortex, and bring them all safely home?
Chapter 4Emma and Regina find themselves lost in the terrifying place between worlds. And later: Killian is reunited with Emma, but when an unknown menace threatens his family, he must summon powerful magic to protect them.
Rating / Warnings: Chapters 1-3 are rated PG13, Chapter 4 is rated Mature. Please note this story features suspense, danger, angst + some adult language and violence + consensual romance / lovemaking.
Background info on my series: Please see the previous stories in my series - "Winter's Night" and "Coming Home". Both stories are rated Mature, with other appropriate warnings as to content, so please be sure to read this info first, before reading the stories themselves.
Disclaimers: Obviously OUAT and its characters belong to Eddy, Adam, and ABC. I'm just a devoted fan playing in their sandbox, and make no profit, etc.

To read my story, please visit Archive of Our Own (A03),where I also post as earthspirits.
Chapter 4:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 1:
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